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The Motuan

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Motu, pronounced Mohtoo

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This site pays homage to the oral traditions of the Motuan people of the South coast of Papua New Guinea. Numbering around 100,000 people (guestimate), and inhabiting the region around Port Moresby the capital of PNG, Motuans speak Motu, an austronesian language, and have similar songs, dances and, ceremonial rituals and myths. 

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Motuan ~ Indigenous people of the South Eastern mainland of Papua New Guinea.

Literature remains divided on whether Motuans were originally from the Javanese peoples of Indonesia or Polynesians.


Motuan villages were originally built over the sea with houses on stilts over the water, interconnected by walkways/jetties called 'nese'.


Headed by a 'Lohia' or Chief, Motu societies were patrilineal. Roles were gender specific, with women doing the majority of the child rearing as well as food cultivation and men doing the majority of food provision ie. fishing and hunting.

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